A collection of all sorts.

A study of offensive jokes.

A woman is standing on a bridge above a cliff and is contemplating suicide. As she is about to jump, a man yells out and stops her.

They talk briefly, where the man tries to convince her not to jump. Unfortunately, she confirms this is the fate she wants. At which point the man asks “Well, since you’re so inclined, would you like to have sex with me before you commit suicide?”. She declined the man’s request. So he simply replies “Ok then.” and runs off.

Quite confused, the woman stops the man and asks him where he’s running off to. To which he replies “I need to hurry down this bridge, otherwise you’ll be cold already.”.

I would have to agree with you in some sense, but I also like to think that reactions speak loudest of all. My immediate reaction to this entire blog was a bit rude, and I shouldn't have attacked you personally. I simply want to understand why your reaction to what you would call "dark humor" is one of amusement and curiosity rather than one of contempt.

It’s no problem, every one is entitled to there own opinions and I understand if they clash with mine. I’m just glad you came after me personally instead of slandering my name to other people without even asking why. I love dark humour, I’m a huge fan of contrasts and the juxtaposition between terrible subject matter and the lighthearted format of a joke really make me laugh.